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Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 300-085 Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Collaboration Application v1.0 (CAPPS) Version: DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1 Which CCC action applies only to the Cisco 300-180 dumps TelePresence MPS Series? A. block fast update requests B. Status Duo Video C. move back D. release floor Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 2 Where is BFCP desktopvideo sharing enabled? A. trunk configuration B. gateway configuration C. gatekeeper configuration D. SIP profile E. phone services F. common phone profile G. ILS configuration H. SIP trunk security profile Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 3 How many distinct auto-attendants can you 300-210 dumps configure in theCisco Unity Express GUI? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. 5 F. 6 Correct Answer: E

QUESTION 4 Which four call management capabilities 600-509 dumps are valid? (Choose four.) A. system call handlers B. operator handlers C. directory handlers D. receptionist handlers E. interview handlers F. custom recordings Correct Answer: ACEF

QUESTION 5 Whichthree types of integrations can Cisco TMS use to 600-510 dumps import users during provisioning? (Choose three.) A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager B. Cisco VCS C. Active DirectoryD. Secure Active Directory E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and PresenceService F. Cisco Unity Connection G. LDAP Correct Answer: CDG

QUESTION 6 In Cisco Unity Express, which two Call Handling options can you configureon 600-512 dumps the Voice Mail tab of the GUI? (Choose two.) A. distribution list B. application parameter settings script C. business schedule D. voice mail operator number E. calling search space Correct Answer: BD

QUESTION 7 When configuringan IM and Presence server on the 700-172 dumps Expressway-C or VCS-C, which role must the user have for connecting to the IM and Presence server? A. Standard CTI Enabled B. Standard Serviceability Administration C. Standard AXL API Access D. Standard CCM Admin Users Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 8 Which three components are the minimum needed to enable the FindMe feature for the users of an enterprise? (Choose three.) A. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite B. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning 700-070 dumps Extension C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager with Extension Mobility Service D. Video Communication Server E. Cisco IM and Presence F. CiscoWebex On Premises deployment G. Cisco TelePresence Conductor Correct Answer: ABD

QUESTION 9 When using VPIM Networking for messaging between Cisco Unity 300-560 dumps servers in different directories, which two factors should be considered for Audio Format Conversion settings? (Choose two.) A. network bandwidth between the local and remote Cisco Unity servers B. traffic volume of messages C. network latency between the local and remote Cisco Unity servers D. Audio Format of the outbound message E. DSCP flags on the packet Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 10 In Cisco Unified Communications Manager presence with SIP, if 642-385 dumps the presence entity resides within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster, how does Cisco Unified Communications Manager respond to a SIP line-side presence request? A. by sending a SIP NOTIFY message to the presence watcher to indicate the current status of the presence entity B. by sending a SIP SUBSCRIBE message to the presence watcher to request the presence status of the indicated presence entity C. by sending SCCP messages to the presence watcher to indicate the current status of the presence entity D. by using the Cisco Unified Presence PUBLISH Trunk 810-502 dumps service parameter on Cisco Unified Communications Manager to associate the user with a line appearance Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 11 Which three integration methods between Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified CommunicationsManager are valid? (Choose three.) A. SIP B. ISDN C. SCCP D. H.323 E. SIP to DMG/PIMG/TIMG F. RIP G. EIGRP H. IP Correct Answer: ACE

QUESTION 12 The administrator of a Cisco Unity Connection 830-506 dumps system would like to set up a new employee and assign him a password of 123. The system gives him an error when he attempts to save theuser. Which two of the following settings sections and features of Cisco Unity Connection should the administrator change to set up the user? (Choose two.) A. User Template > Maximum Credential Length B. Authentication Rules > Minimum Credential Length C. User Template > Check for Trivial Passwords D. Restriction Tables > Minimum Credential Length E. Restriction Tables > Check for Trivial Passwords F. Authentication Rules > Check for 70-698 dumps Trivial Passwords Correct Answer: BF

Dennerle CO2 langetermijntest correct


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Eenvoudige en exacte controle van het CO2-gehalte in het aquarium.


Daarmee blijft de CO2 altijd in de groene zone

Afhankelijk van het CO2-gehalte reageert de speciale CO2-indicator met een kleurverandering van

  • blauw = te weinig CO2, via
  • groen = CO2 optimaal naar
  • geel = te veel CO2.

Op de vergelijkingsschaal met zes kleuren kan de CO2-hoeveelheid in het aquarium direct in milligram per liter worden afgelezen. Zo kan de juiste toe te voegen hoeveelheid CO2 heel eenvoudig en betrouwbaar worden ingesteld.

En: met de CO2-langetermijntest Correct kan zelfs tegelijkertijd de pH-waarde in het aquarium bewaakt worden!

Bijzonder eenvoudig en nauwkeurig door de speciale CO2-indicator

Traditionele CO2-langetermijntests worden met een mengsel van aquariumwater en indicator gevuld. Nadeel o.a.: de in elk aquariumwater aanwezige zuren (bijv. huminezuren, nitraat, etc.) kunnen het testresultaat vertekenen. De Dennerle CO2-langetermijntest Correct werkt daarentegen met een direct gebruiksklare speciale CO2-indicator, die niet met aquariumwater vermengd, maar puur gebruikt wordt.

De doorslaggevende voordelen:


er is geen extra meting van de carbonaathardheid nodig. Er is slechts één kleurenschaal nodig.


de CO2-langetermijntest Correct +pH geeft het CO2-gehalte altijd juist aan – onafhankelijk van andere zuren in het aquariumwater, bijv. huminezuren. Ook veranderingen van de carbonaathardheid door toenemende hardheid, verdamping of waterverversing hebben geen invloed.


met de CO2-langetermijntest Correct +pH kan het CO2-gehalte direct in milligrammen per liter worden bepaald – zonder extra watermetingen of lastig omrekenen van tabelwaarden. Ook bij een lage carbonaathardheid!


  Complete set, bestaande uit:

  • testreservoir
  • speciale CO2-indicator
  • vergelijkingsschaal met zes kleuren

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